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History of Marcus Garvey and U.N.I.A.
History of Emperor Haile Selassie
The African Union was formed consequential to the forming of the O.A.U.
Akan Asante People of Ghana West Africa (ECOWAS)

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots" - Marcus Garvey. Roots Music has the capacities to educate peoples both within and outside the Black African Race to learn about the important heritage of Black Africa. {=} ...Story continued from Misty in Roots / Ijahman Levi Streams... (=) The Paramount Chieftancies of the Ghanaian Akans and the Supreme Chieftancies of Mali had meetings and discourse regarding slavery. It was now agreed that the only means to eliminate the scourge of slavery within the bounds of the Chieftancies would be to develop a large alliance amongst the peoples of then Songhai and the Kingdom of Akan. The format of the agreed upon allegiance to eliminate grievance would eventually spread throughout the African Continent. This agreement is known through the scroll of the Dagon, Dagombe, Asante, Twifo, Brong Ahafo and Akyem Regional alliance. The interior now agreed that further allegiances and further strident agreements would eliminate the alms of slavery. Forming diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway would assist the transition of the slave castles into diplomatic forts. This process took about 100 years and Asante did make their way with the British Navies and Danish/Swedish Navies as Allies on the ships. Moreover, the case of Cinque on the Amistad demonstrates that Africans as far away as Sierra Leone knew of this relation given the Methodist Project to encourage the African Diaspora Resettlement Project in Freetown, Sierra Leone - British Crown Colonies. It was evident through the Christianbourgh Treaties and Allegiance Forming meetings that Peacebuilding and Peacemaking along with comprehensive diplomatic relations within and with the Nations of Europe would lead to the development required for sustained development in Ghana. The Colony of Gold Coast was established for a 90 year period between 1867 - 1957 March.
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