Marijuana Documentation for Rastafari

Marijuana has been growing in the West Indies since ancient times. The usage of marijuana in Reggae Music is directly attributed to the surge of Rastafarian Culture in the West Indies since the post-colonial political independence of Jamaica from the United Kingdom. Rastafarians use the "holy herb" of marijuana to soothe themselves from the pain and strife of Babylon (The Western System of Oppression). The sociological effects of oppression are extensive, and it is widely believed that the usage of marijuana actually cures these psychological issues. According to recent scientific research, the usage of marijuana in the Rastafarian faith is actually beneficial in an array of means.

History of Maroons in Jamaica / Repatriation and Reparations

You can read about Reparations, Repatriation, and the Maroons where freed Africans lived during the times of slavery by downloading the attached PDF Sheets. Freed Africans have been traveling back to Africa since the mid-1700's both to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. After Haiti was freed from French Colonial Rule between 1791 - 1804, Africans successfully used the island as a base for operations throughout the Western Hemisphere. Haiti was the first Freed African Stronghold followed by heavy uprisings that uprooted the network of Slave Holding in the Americas. Jamaica's large slave uprising in 1831 was known as the Christmas Rebellion. There were other uprisings in Jamaica, particularly in the interior where Freed Africans obtained autonomy.

A noteworthy slave rebellion that took place in Jamaica during May 1760 was the Takyi's Rebellion of which up to 80 Akan's led themselves to freedom. According to one record, this was the most important mutiny during this century other than the War of Independence in the Thirteen Colonies. Tacky or Takyi was a Paramount Chief in Fante Regions of Ghana before being taken to slavery in Jamaica during the mid-1700's. Another important Rebellion and consequential Act of Warfare between British Slaveholders and Maroons took place during 1728 - 1739 in Jamaica and was known popularly as the First Maroon War.

According to one record, Britain and Portugal were the most successful slave-trading nations during the Imperial Wars of Europe. Britain transported approximately 3.1 Million Africans to the Americas, of which 2.7 Million successfully made it to their destinations of chattel slavery. As the times and attitudes changed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain in regards to Slavery, Manumission, and Abolition, the British Parliament outlawed slavery in 1807 by way of the Abolition Acts.

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