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Akans and Britons have a long history of allegiance. British Naval History documents that Akans in Ghana set up locations of fortitude along the Guinea Coastline. Elmina Castle (Castelo da Mina), once run as a Slave Trading Fort from 1489 - 1807 (Then controlled ostensibly by the British Navy), eventually was transformed into a British Naval Station, as well as was Christianbourgh Castle. Among the tribes that occupied Ghana ->, at the time, where most slave castles were built along the West African Coast, the Denkyira |=| appeared to be the worst in violating the Human Rights of Civilization there with the Kru (Sea Traders/Boat Stationers) often times following their trading patterns. In one extreme case, amongst the slave trading tribes, the Denkyira very often times would pay tribute to the British and Portuguese Traders that invaded the Ghanaian Coast Line by paying gold to them for the purposeful exportation of Akans and particularly Asante Peacemakers and Asante Peacebuilders from regions they wanted to takeover. In this case, the payment of Gold primarily occurred with the Portuguese for the trading of Chattel as War Enemies or War Slaves as a form of gift or bribe to gain canons and ships in their efforts of Warfare and domination. This trading pattern definitively set the stage for Genocide in the Region of Ghana during the 1730's and 1740's with the 18th Century (1700's) being the worst century of slave trading in West Africa. Leopard Skins were often traded alongside slaves as a form of tribute to gain allegiance with the British and Portuguese Traders whom were the navies of these nations at the time. The leader of the tribe that conducted this activity may have been one of the Prime Archenemies of Asantehene Osei Tutu.
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