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History of Marcus Garvey and U.N.I.A.
History of Emperor Haile Selassie
The African Union was formed consequential to the forming of the O.A.U.
Akan Asante People of Ghana West Africa (ECOWAS)

"We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind." - Marcus Garvey. Many Blacks have fallen victim to Neocolonial Spaniard Enforced Slavery. The slavery of the Spanish Castes relegates Blacks to move parcels of Raw Cocaine and Heroin on the streets of America and with the occurrently legalized Rastafarian solution of Medical Marijuana, Blacks will free themselves of the Spaniard Enforced Slavery. Racist Spaniards refer to Blacks as inferior and inferiorate Blacks through their mechanizations of Self-Destruction and Crime Ridden Enforcement of Ghetto Pogrom Protocolia. This is a well-documented deceipt program of the Spanish Hordes of Hispaniola and Hispanic Territories - whereby Blacks will fight with British & Canadian as well as African Armies to defeat the Spanish Hordes.

Sensi Seeds
Throughout the tracks on Ras Kwasi - Littell X Prophecies the listener will notice the utilization of Roots Reggae Drums and Snares integrated with Hip Hop cadences. The nature of the music is definitively influenced by Modern European Union Zone Dubstep and Roots Reggae Dub/Dancehall Dub.
Martin Campbell's Classic Album, Heat Of The Fire, released in 1990-1991 outlines key aspects of the struggle to fight against Babylon's System with acquired knowledge and acumen.
African Unity Series

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