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Many say that the path of the Rasta is the path of an ancient man. The Original Asante's and Bobo Asante's may have been Warriors whom fought alongside Righteous European Navies and Armies. One important case is that of the Asantehene with the Navy of Denmark in 1748. During this time the Asante aligned themselves with the Danes during a War with the British. This allegiance actually forthrightly worked in the Asantes favour during a more recent outbreak of Hostilities with the British in the Anglo-Asante War of 1908/1907. In 1748, the Venerable Asantehene directly boarded the main Naval Vessel of the Danes as an empowered Naval Officer and Commander in a Flotilla of Danish Navy ships with the Danes. The Asantehene worked as an Emissary, Diplomatic Allegiance Coordinator and Allegiant Military Officer along with 23 carefully chosen Asante Warriors on the main vessel. This proves as a perfect example of Danish Excellence in Naval Pursuit and Allegiance with African Tribes. The Danes did this quite often which led to the establishment of a Fort Network along Ghana's Coast commencing in the mid-1750's (1753 A.D.). This fort network led to the total and complete elimination of Navies that accepted slavery and an acceptance by the British after their defeat that Slavery would not longer be utilized as a means to economic prowess or economic development. The allegiances that the Asantehene established lasted for centuries into the modern day, with a strong alliance with Danish German Entities today in Ghana and an even stronger alliance with the Danish Royal Family.

The Asantehene set up long term arrangements for the distribution of Gold with the Danish Naval Commander whom was a Royal of Copenhagen, Denmark. The role of the Asante would remain to serve as wing and backup soldiery of the Danes. As the boot, leg or the sweep, the Asante would assist Danes and other allied Navies in their efforts of development promulgation in the Royal West African Area. It was devised by the Danish Commander ans the Asantehene that further allegiance would remain entailed to promote the peace agreements and allegiance fortitudes. In one case freed settlements of Asantes was established in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Maarten. The intermixing of populations would be encouraged to commence development of the Super-Race, with the best features of both the European and African SubPhenotype. It was not known what would occur for such plans but in the case of World War II Hostilities, this superrace did assist in preventing the entirety of Holocaust of Judaics and Europeans by working as an intervention force with chosen Swedes, Danes, New Zealanders, Australians, Ires, and Britons.

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