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History of Marcus Garvey and U.N.I.A.
History of Emperor Haile Selassie
The African Union was formed consequential to the forming of the O.A.U.
Akan Asante People of Ghana West Africa (ECOWAS)

It has been documented by Doctors in Australia that Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism may considerably be Genetic Disorders and that certain birth defects lead to Racism. This can be proven via dialectical and cognitive behavioural analysis. Clearly, the birth defects from the Maternal DNA Source having survived Trauma, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction could definitively lead to Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, or Racism, and according to one classified study - this is quite evident according to comprehensive factorial analysis. Racism is delineated in primitive DNA based Cerebral Structures within the Brain lying in thought cortexes. Thought Disorders associated with Racism, Xenophobia, and Anti-Semitism and even Anti-Islamic Thought include inevident non-parity based cerebral binding, prejudicial aforethought cortex disorders, and limbic prenodal absentee-ism. This system and structure is clearly evident within European Populations in America, Europe and parts of Russia. The allegiances managed to fight against Racism which were developed during this time seem forged to principle.
Sensi Seeds
Throughout the tracks on Ras Kwasi - Littell X Prophecies the listener will notice the utilization of Roots Reggae Drums and Snares integrated with Hip Hop cadences. The nature of the music is definitively influenced by Modern European Union Zone Dubstep and Roots Reggae Dub/Dancehall Dub.
Martin Campbell's Classic Album, Heat Of The Fire, released in 1990-1991 outlines key aspects of the struggle to fight against Babylon's System with acquired knowledge and acumen.
African Unity Series

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